Does this resonate?

You have a deep desire to uplift and empower others, and you believe it’s your calling.

You feel you already know your purpose and are working within a business that allows you to serve those you were put here to serve but it isn’t quite right and you know it!

You still struggle with your mindset and stepping into the next level of yourself and fully into leadership. 

You are ready to unlock the full potential of your mission and guide many more on their journey. 

You need help staying in lane and gaining clarity about who you serve and how to sell them well.

You need help monetising your gifts. 

Is this you?

You’ve had your business for a little while now but it has plateaued. 

You’ve spent money, in fact more than you’d like to admit, on coaching and attended endless free webinars but know you need new eyes on your business. 

You are unsure what steps to take in your business and thinking about it all is exhausting. 

Your are wondering whether you have got this all wrong because you cannot seem to get clients. 

You are struggling with imposter syndrome.

I Have Been Where You Are!

I know what your pain feels like.

My personal journey felt long and weary as I continually bounced from boom to bust, over and over again. I spent years yo-yo-ing in this way as a self-employed single mum. Doing it all alone and feeling exhausted. Something had to shift!

That shift happened in 2017, when I was yet again in the bust of a ‘bust and boom cycle’. When I was blaming everything on everyone and every situation I could find in my work and personal life. I was walking around with a victim of circumstance vibe. I remember sitting on a free coaching call and a penny, or should I say rock dropped! It wasn’t the situations I was in that was the problem, it was me!

That lightbulb moment then came that if I could consistently create struggle and challenge, then I could also consistently create success!

Recognised in CEO Weekly as one of the top 15 Coaches in the world changing the landscape of success in 2024.

I want you to succeed.

You matter. Your purpose matters. My purpose is to help you achieve what you were put here to do. My work is like no other!

‘Working with Samantha has helped me stay calm under pressure and stay focused on achieving my business goals. She provides a reassuring presence and cleverly blends the spiritual with coaching which I have found hugely beneficial for my business.’
Caroline Peyton, Peyton Principles

That’s why I have two levels of coaching, whichever option you choose you will have me in your corner!

My Coaching Is Unique.

Here’s why!

I have had my own business in the spiritual industry for over 23 years.

I coach and heal the healers, the therapists, the teachers, the trainers, the psychics, the mystics, the game changers and the mission leaders!

I am a Trauma informed Coach and Trance Healer as well as a fully qualified and experienced Entrepreneur Coach. I release the programming, the imprinting, the trauma, the persecution energy and the karmic energy is holding you back.

I then coach the mindset to release beliefs that an old version of you is clinging onto.

I show my clients how to manifest with the universe. 

I show them how to align to their soulmate clients.

VIP Queens - my 12 month coaching programme

Everything you Need to Scale Your Business Faster:

Your Investment


One to One Coaching
PHASE ONE Your first session with me will be 3 hours working on your vision and understanding your true calling in this lifetime.

PHASE TWO Then every week for the next 11 months we will meet online or in-person for a 60-Minute One-to-One Coaching Sessions. In these sessions we are going to cover:

Your  purpose
Who you were put here to serve
Craft the perfect business model and services for your soul based business
Refine your messaging so you are speaking to the right audience
Learn how to intuitively manifest your next business steps

You will receive 3 healing sessions to release your karmic debt, your ancestral beliefs and the persecution vibration

We are going to shift your mindset from blocked to blessed 
I will activate your energy field to attune you to your destined abundance
I will activate your business to align it to divine wealth


Access to My Online ‘Inner Circle‘ Group Coaching Session for 12 Months. Join my beautiful online community and benefit from a year of group coaching sessions. Why? To give you a monthly content plan that aligns to universal energies.
(value £1188)

Energy Insight for your Home Life
12 months Conscious Creators Membership. Elevate your personal growth journey with access to energy alerts and my month-ahead insight. Why? To help you stay aligned with success in all areas of your life and tap into the power of conscious creation for your home life too!
(value £792)

Coaching Hub
Access to my coaching hub. A series of coaching videos, meditations and activations to get you and your business moving forward. All hosted on my app. Why? To give you access anytime to coaching around the keys to success.
(value £1K)

12 months support by being part of my private coaching chat on Telegram and receive daily pocket coaching tips. Why? To help you stay in your lane. Unlimited support through private messaging on Telegram (Mon to Fri 9-4pm)


Your Investment

Just £2369 or spread the investment across 12 payments of £199!


Have some Questions?

If you are joining me as a VIP QUEEN you will need to commit to our initial 3 hour session,  attending the LIVE group coaching sessions as much as possible, these are held on the last Wednesday of every month from 11am – 1pm. You will also need to schedule in a monthly one to one coaching session. These sessions are 60 minutes each. 

Shortly after making your first payment you will receive your welcome email  with instructions of how to access your coaching resources. If you are a VIP QUEEN it will also have the link to book your one to one sessions in.

NO! Whilst Samantha-Jayne is a UK based coach, she has clients all around the world who she heals, coaches and trains. 

YES!  There is plenty of opportunity for you to get personal support via the Telegram chat or via email support from both Samantha Jayne and her team.

YES you have the option to pay in instalments You are liable for all payments. You can start as soon as you have made payment. 

If you are still hesitating then I recommend you meditate and journal around where the hesitation is coming from. Is it resistance to the inner work you know you’ll need to do or simply not right for you? Feel free to book an aligned call to help you decide if this coaching programme is right for you. You can do that here: