My one to one VIBE COACHING programme is amazing!

Do you feel there is something you are supposed to be doing in your life?
That you have a gift, a talent and know you should do more with it?
That you feel you want to make a difference in this world, but are not sure where to begin?
Do you feel disconnected and like nothing actually leaves you feeling fulfilled?

These are all the things we feel, we experience when we were put on this Earth to do something! To give something back to the world, to be the difference, some where, some how!

What if I told you that my purpose is to connect you to yours?

Here in Vibe I will show you:

💎 Where your purpose sits.
💎What purpose truly is and why you are afraid of it!
💎How your ego is preventing you from connecting with it and achieving it.
💎How to identify your gift to this world and how to serve others with it.
💎How to have a strong vision and create the business to match it.
💎I’m going to shift your blocks and your money mindset so you can receive abundance through it.
💎I’m going to teach you how to change your language and your energy to match your purpose vibrationally.
💎How to align with the Universe to create the wealth that is your destiny.

Would you benefit from having me walk beside you on your spiritual journey?

⏲ benefit from 8 ONE TO ONE coaching session with myself
🔮Two free passes to Month Ahead Tarot Insight Webinars   (value £20)
📺 Two free passes to my monthly Spiritual Living Webinars (value £40)
🔮 Two free passes  to my Aligned for Success Webinars  (value £60)💪 Benefit from all the insight in  your Blueprint of the Soul Reading (value £95)
🙏🏼 Every month identify the next step on your path to aligning with your purpose

Through this programme you are going to:

💰 Shift your money mindset
🧲 Master law of attraction
🔎Discover who you are and why you are drawn to the things you are👩‍🦰 Learn to master the ego, the mind
🌲 Learn how to ground and centre yourself within minutes
🔎 Discover where your purpose lies and start living a purpose based life
😱 Understand your fear, where it comes from, how it shows up and how to powerhouse through it or with it!
✍🏻 Learn the power of journaling AND scripting
⚡ Understand that you are energy and how to master your energy
🧘🏽 Discover how meditation and visualisation empower your business
✔️ Empower yourself by knowing how to make a head and heart decision
💗 Love yourself and the things you are doing
🏆Learn what winning at life truly looks like and feels like for YOU
✍🏻 Develop a strategy for creating that dream, purpose driven business
📕 Receive a copy of my book ‘Out of the Darkness’
📕Receive a journal for all those insights and light bulb moments.


In the last 18 months … 
  • One client has identified that her passion lies in the parts of the business she wasn’t doing! She switched her focus and business is on the up!
  • One client has upped his game,  taking premises and recruiting a team, and that is during lockdown!
  • One client has connected with her purpose and is even booking clients, all within 8 weeks!
  • One client let go of the business partner, it was their energy that was holding the business back.
  • One Client has shifted her insecurities and now has an amazing online fitness business.
  • One Client has had the confidence to get funding to support a project close to her heart.
  • One client has let go of years of abuse to create a new life.
  • One of my clients has quadrupled her business.
  • Three now have 6 figure businesses and amazing teams behind them.
  • One client came to me to rebrand and she is now excelling in her new marketplace.
  • One client has bought her own home, a dream she thought she would never achieve, let alone in ten months!
  • One has become a millionaire!
  • Two have moved to their dream locations to live
Is it time to invest in your happiness too?

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