Are you Tired to Your Soul?

Karmic Cleanse Therapy ™

Is It Time to Free Yourself of Limiting Beliefs?

Stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed and lost.
Gain the strength, confidence, and clarity to know what to do next and do it!
Your body is tired and so is your mind. Tired from worrying about life, love, money. Life never seems to go your way. You may even feel angry and resentful at times and question what’s the point!
You feel you have lost your connection to the universe and unable to create with it!

My clients are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, frustration or simply feel like something is blocking them, stopping them from achieving things. They feel disconnected from the life they are living or an aspect within it. Some feel trapped in a relationship and unable to move on with their lives, to bring a positive change in. Some feel betrayed, violated, and even abused through past relationships and need help letting go. 

Is this you?
Are these words resonating with you?

Through my healing sessions and  programme for people, just like you, so they no longer have to struggle through life or spend years in counselling.

In my Karmic Cleanse Therapy™ This is my life changing one to one programme combining healing, energy activation and coaching that everyone talks about! I help my clients become unfuckwithable by getting unstuck!  In just 4 sessions!!!!

I’m often being asked about my karmic cleanse therapy and who can it help. The answer is anyone who is stuck in a moment in time and doesn’t know it.

So here’s some insight into the situations I’ve worked with recently:

⭐️ food addiction
⭐️ strength to leave a partner
⭐️ strength to ask for divorce
⭐️ hidden child abuse
⭐️ loss of mum as a child
⭐️ abandonment
⭐️ people pleasers
⭐️ never feeling happy
⭐️ relationship issues
⭐️ anxiety
⭐️ money issues
⭐️ fear of success
⭐️ weight issues

The list goes on!!!

Please allow up to 75 minutes for your first session and up to 1 hour for the additional 3 sessions. Sessions can be held in person at my Clniic (SN4 9NB) or online. 

Parallel Life Clearing

Are you experiencing fear of rejection, persecution, fear of love, success even?
Are you afraid to be you?
Are you seeing a pattern in your family?

So often when we are here to do good things, to help others, to use our gifts and abilities, no matter how small, the fears that we or our ancestors have experienced in past lives are unknowingly activated. 

Whether you are experiencing repetitive challenges in your relationship with money, you career, achieving success in something, or love. It all links and so often we are blocked not just in one aspect of life, but in all of them. 

Miasma DNA Clearing is an instant deep healing session that transcends this lifetime. It instantly shifts the conscious and subconscious programming that is holding you back, which allows you to instantly see, feel, and experience change not only in your own body, mind, and emotion state but in your practical, physical, daily life. Freeing you to be who you came here to be and to live the life your soul requires of you.

When you find yourself repeatedly experiencing struggles in your life, or limitations, or just cannot seem to achieve a goal, it is because of some past trauma / experience that is now playing out over and over again with the mind convinced that it is the only way to keep you safe. So often this programming is from a past life we have walked through or even our ancestors walked through. Science shows that 75-80% of these subconscious beliefs, programs are in faulty coding in your system that hold you back from every reaching your full potential. Your subconscious mind holds onto all the memories and experiences from all lifetimes that are playing out in parallel existences until, the physical body, goes through a process to clear and heal them. This is ascension.

Whether you are experiencing repetitive challenges in your relationship with money, success, or love. It all links and so often we are blocked not just in one aspect of life, but in all of them.  

In these sessions we will begin with a chat and through conversation and guidance from my guides I will intuitively know which of the following work needs to be done right now to clear you to step forward. 

Persecution Clearing Persecution DNA  is one of the biggest blocks anyone with a purpose will experience when it comes to sharing their gifts and services. In past lives you may have been hung, drowned, burned or hunted down and abused for your abilities. Old versions of you want you to play small, to keep safe, to stay alive!

Your soul carries with it all the imprints of the experiences you have walked through in previous lives. This means that you have carried with you  the fears, the contracts, the beliefs, that you have accepted in other time lines. 

Ancestral Clearing. As part of the ascension process .the healing experience of this lifetime,  your soul is carrying the beliefs, contracts and fears of your ancestors experiences. This can be through abuse, financial hardship, shame and the fear of judgement. This can be the reason why life is so hard sometimes. As part of the ascension process .the healing experience of this lifetime,  your soul is carrying the beliefs, contracts and fears of your ancestors experiences and it becomes clear why life is so hard sometimes. Your Ancestral Miasma, your ancestors DNA runs through the meridians, through the DNA lines and carries with it all the memories and programming that your ancestors accepted. As part of the ascension process we are here to heal this. 

In my Miasma DNA Clearing sessions, I identify and release the block that is surfacing right now for your soul to release, so you are free to step forward in your life or your business. 

You will then receive an activation where your personal light codes are downloaded to increase your connection to your soul and your soul’s path. 

Then through coaching, we will identify what actions need to be taken to now move forward in alignment.

This is a 3 session programme . Ideally to be held 3 days in a row. Please allow up to 1 hour for each session, Sessions can be held on Zoom or in person.

Angelic Clearing

This is for you if you are truly not feeling like yourself. As if your thoughts are not your own. In my Angelic Clearing I work to remove the negative energy of entity attachment and psychic attack. To release the energy of harm and hurt caused by others in your world whether alive or passed. Please allow up to 1 hour for your session.

Spiritual Healing

What if I told you that your body remembers everything. Every emotion, every experience, believing it needs to in order to keep you safe. The body holds on to it until we give the body and the mind, permission to let go. All of this is stored energetically in the aura and this imprints into the physical body causing illness, stress and tension.

This is for you if you are struggling with Anxiety, stress or are walking through a change in your life that it or has caused you to feel unwell.
In my Spiritual Healing sessions I work with the Usui Reiki energy, the Angelic Reiki energy, the Gold Ray Angelic realm and the Ascended Masters to  release the negative energy and emotion from your system that is holding you back. My specialty is Anxiety and mental health issues.
Please allow up to 1 hour for your session.
Your investment £65 for a one off session / 3 session package available for £180 / 6 session package for £330

Please click here for healing for children  or here for  teen coaching

Reiki Rebalance Session

The body can get knocked out of balance through the experiences we are walking through or surrounded by on a daily basis. Other people’s emotions and words. A Reiki Rebalance Session releases what does not serve you for your highest good and re balances the chakras, the meridian system, your emotion state and your thoughts. This is for you if you recognise the need to look after your energetic health. Most clients attend this as a monthly session. They see it as spiritual maintenance! Please allow 45 minutes for your session. Your investment £50.
There is also the option to add a Reiki Back Massage when booking.

Shifting Clients from Head to Heart

with purpose and passion

Don’t let the past create your future


This experience was phenomenal, Samantha is clearly a very powerful healer, she definitely helped me let go of my trapped emotions. I felt a big difference right away. I will be making regular visits without a doubt.

Hayley O’Connor


After going through an emotional roller-coaster in my life, and struggling to find the positives, Sam lifted the clouds through her spiritual healing. She left me feeling lighter, calmer and excited for my future once again. Sam is a Beautiful person with a very special gift. If your mind is bogged down, or you need to let go of the past and move forward with your life, Sam is the lady to see. Thank you Sam ❤️



ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I arrived at Sam’s door feeling overwhelmed with the heaviness of negativity, self loathing and being disassociated from my life and went out of Sam’s door feeling overwhelmed with the lightness of joy, enlightenment, peace, liking myself a bit more and feeling more present in my life. All in one healing session. Sam has helped me back on the right road of gratitude and living my fullest life. I am so grateful to you Sam.