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Speaker, Spiritual Coach, Trainer &  Author

Your Next Key Note Speaker

Are you looking to invigorate your event and provide your delegates, clients, franchises, distributors, sales teams, and networking members with the motivation they need to succeed?

I am an award-winning Spiritual Business Coach who works with lightworkers to shift their mindset and energy around money, success and being seen so that they can create hugely successful businesses that make a difference in the world. 
I am frequently seen in the national and international press and recently appeared on the Jeremy Vine show talking about women, dating and money! 
In my talks I share my own spiritual awakening, how your past will hold you in a bust and boom cycle and why women need to create wealth in this world. 

My expertise and experience can help your audience achieve their goals and feel ready to take on the world of money and success. Book me now to bring a powerful energy to your event and empower your attendees to think differently about success and money.


Corporate Training

The “Embracing Your Spirituality in Business Leadership” workshop empowers business leaders to tap into their spiritual essence and harness its transformative power in their leadership roles. By cultivating a sense of purpose, mindfulness, resilience, and ethical decision-making, leaders can create a positive impact not only on their organizations but also on the well-being of their team members and the wider world. By embracing spirituality in business leadership, leaders can foster a more compassionate, purpose-driven, and sustainable future.

About Samantha Jayne

After 15 years living in a bust and boom cycle, I discovered that when my attitude changed so did my bank balance. Loosing everything in Lockdown, lead to me having to start again. Three years later I am the owner of a six figure spiritual based business. 

Working wth business owners and their teams who want create businesses and wealth that feels good for their souls. 

I enlisted the help of Samantha Jayne to present to a group of 40+ PA’s this summer. Her level of professionalism along with her ability to “keep it real” far out ways other female presenters I have seen in the past 5 years. Samantha Jayne is a realist, she doesn’t sugar coat and give you the “corporate line”, she talks from her own personal life experience which is why the audience was mesmerised!

The feedback from this event and indeed others that I have hosted with Samantha Jayne being the presenter has always been positive with the audience left not only feeling empowered but most definitely wanting more!!

I would highly recommend Samantha Jayne to anyone looking for a guest speaker / presenter . She is interesting, relevant and actually does have real experience unlike others in the circuit.

Talk Topics

Out of the darkness – Samantha talks about her own spiritual awakening.

Your money is in your mindset – Samantha talks about her journey from attempting suicide, single motherhood and losing everything in lockdown to success.

For the love of money – this is one where Samantha Jayne talks about her relationships with men and money and how she ended up on the Jeremy Vine Show!