Soul Retrieval (trauma release)

Feel like a part of you is missing?

As spiritual sensitive souls, we sometimes find ourselves in the energy of darkness with no idea how we got here. Knowing that we do not feel complete.

Here is my example. When my Dad passed, I found myself so blocked, so stuck when it came to getting back into alignment with my souls path and my abundance stream. It was as if everything had lost it’s joy and I was lost in a ‘what’s the point’ energy. Ready to walk out of my life.

Unbeknown to me, as I sat at my Dad’s bedside and watched him pass, it was not just me heart that broke. It was my soul as well and a part of my soul was still sat at his bedside months later. Through Soul retrieval work I was able to heal and bring back to me the broken parts of my soul. 

Soul retrieval work is a deeply transformative healing practice aimed at helping you reconnect with lost or fragmented aspects of your soul. In life, we often experience challenging events or traumas that can lead to parts of our soul disconnecting as a protective mechanism. This process may leave us feeling incomplete or disconnected from our true selves. 

While the process might bring up challenging emotions, it offers an opportunity for profound emotional healing and increased self-awareness. As you reintegrate these lost soul pieces, you can expect to feel more whole, empowered, and aligned with your true essence. This healing journey will support you in moving forward with strength and purpose, ready to embrace life with newfound clarity and resilience.

During soul retrieval, I will guide you through a journey into your subconscious and spiritual realms to locate and retrieve these missing soul fragments. This exploration involves guided meditation and energy healing techniques.

This is a 60 minute session including consultation,  session held in person at my Clinic (SN4 9NB) or online.

Your investment £111 incl VAT

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