Feel Like You are Under Attack?

This is for you if you are truly not feeling like yourself.

Being under a psychic attack is a deeply unsettling and distressing experience, and my clients come to me because they are drowning in the feeling of vulnerability and feeling powerless.

It is a phenomenon where someone’s spiritual or psychic energy is intentionally manipulated, causing harm, negativity, or disturbance in their life. The effects can manifest in various ways, such as unexplained physical ailments, emotional turbulence, constant feelings of fear and anxiety, or an overwhelming sense of darkness. Victims often find themselves in a state of confusion, unable to pinpoint the source of their suffering

In my Angelic Clearing I work to remove the negative energy of entity attachment and psychic attack. To release the energy of harm and hurt caused by others in your world whether alive or passed.

Please allow up to 90 minutes for your session.

Your Investment £125

Here’s What My Clients are Saying…