Got something you want to achieve in 12 months?

I know that your business matters to you, and I know that you have a powerful vision, a goal that you want to achieve within it.
I know that you have been working towards your goals and using various strategies. paying for trainings and programmes and I know you are capable of achieving what matters to you, but I also know that your success lies in your mindset.
I have been a business owner for over 20 years, so I also know that when you are running your own business, it’s too easy to feel overwhelmed by the daily operational needs of a company. As a leader you have to motivate staff, deal with clients, connect with potential clients and focus on other important business activity. This can mean losing focus on key objectives, and the original vision and purpose.  
As a leader, you could settle right here, right now, in your comfort zone, yet for a true entrepreneur this will never feel right.  
Each level of success requires a new version of YOU to step forward to take the business forward.  
My coaching is unique! 
I coach your mind, your soul and even your body to let go of and release fears and beliefs that are blocking your vision from happening, I also activate my client’s to receive abundance and  transform their thinking to the key mindsets that all successful Entrepreneurs have.

Add to that my  trigger cycle™ coaching something you will be repeatedly experiencing as an Entrepreneur and you will see why my coaching is powerful and my clients shift fast!.
The gap between where you are and where you know you need to be is a matter of mindset.
A shift in how you feel, how you think and how you act in your daily life. That’s it! 
The issue is that all your thinking, all your choices come from a place of what you know, let me help you step into the unknown. The unknown being who you are at the next level of success. 
I can help you shift your mindset and move yourself and your business to the next level. 
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Women are coming together to support each other, to grow their businesses and prosper. This is the new sisterhood.

One of the key things to success in business is your mindset. Mindset is everything! 

I am bringing together female business owners who get this and know that when we come together, we can go further, faster, than ever before. 

In my Mastermind based group coaching programme, through the self growth coaching and business coaching you will get to shift the block that is really holding you back from taking your all important next step in your business, the mindset or fear that is keeping you stuck so you can step forward stronger and more confidently into the world, knowing who you are, what the next level  vision of your business looks like, what actions you need to take, who you need to be and why your business matters.

We meet every 12 weeks, in person for a day, because when we come together and connect this way, great shifts, lightbulb moments and activations are possible. To be successful in business, you must ACT. Money loves speed! 

Each session will be a blend of shifting the block, mindset work, energising you for your business, gaining clarity on the next level, the next step PLUS guest trainers around specific business strategies to help you grow your business and have a greater impact in the world. 

We start the 9th September 2022 9.30am-2.30pm and meet every 90 days.
This is a single seat group.
This is a 12 month programme.
Your investment £800 a year If paid in full / £222 if paid quarterly/£80 a month if paid in 12 instalments

Love to join me? Please complete the coaching application below .
Please include what your business is, the blocks you face and where you would like to take your business to

Dates: 9th September 2022, 16th December 2022, 10th March 2023, 9th June 2023

Coaching Application:

If you are a person who is spiritual and believes in energy in life and business, then Samantha Jayne should be part of your team for personal development and coaching. She's helped me a lot during lockdown, even though I knew her before. I'll always be grateful and she's a powerful force in the business world.

Fiona Scott - Director, Scott Media Ltd Tweet

I absolutely recommend Sam’s coaching programme. Through this programme Sam has helped me recognise some difficult areas of personal development, and she has guided me with genuine compassion, empathy and understanding. Her intuitive approach is second to one and is the key driver of developing insight into the beliefs and values that are holding you back from enjoying life to the full. Sam created a realistic and empowering action plan of next steps to remedy blockers in my personal and professional life. She then guided me through putting this into action and as a result I now feel like a new woman; reenergised with a new-found confidence and renewed zest for life. A true professional and very gifted coach.

Amy Derham - Senior Employment Advisor, LIFT Psychology Tweet


I enlisted the help of Samantha Jayne to present to a group of 40+ PA’s this summer.

Her level of professionalism along with her ability to “keep it real” far out ways other female presenters I have seen in the past 5 years.

Samantha Jayne is a realist, she doesn’t sugar coat and give you the “corporate line”, she talks from her own personal life experience which is why the audience was mesmerised!

The feedback from this event and indeed others that I have hosted with Samantha Jayne being the presenter has always been positive with the audience left not only feeling empowered but most definitely wanting more!!

I would highly recommend Samantha Jayne to anyone looking for a guest speaker / presenter . She is interesting, relevant and actually does have real experience unlike others in the circuit.

Charlie Metcalfe
Director of Sales – Alexandra House


Sam is an amazing Psychic/Trainer and Coach! As soon as I met her I knew I was where I was supposed to be. One on one training I believe that you get the very best and Sam did prove me right. So knowledgeable in so many things and inspiring! Her coaching is not like any other I’ve had, and I feel like it was the best for me.

Looking forward to my reading and continuing my journey with you……

Thank you Sam
Candice Williams😊


 2 months ago I went to Sam drowning in my own life. My personal life was a mess. My health had taken a huge nose dive. I had pretty much given up on my business. To put it politely I was a hot mess!

In our first session together Sam and I set targets and goals that I wanted to achieved… Personally and professionally. Within 8 weeks I had reached them all. My health got better. My family life is incredible. My children are so much happier and settled. My business is rocketing and I am really fucking happy.

Sam does not take any shit and will hold you accountable to what you want, Everything she does is fuelled with love, even if it is disguised as a kick up the arse (a woman after my own heart)! I cannot thank you enough Sam for all that you have done for me and my family and I look forward to carrying on working with you . 

Angela Hill