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Heal The Healer - 6 Session Healing Programme

What if I told you that whilst your body remembers everything, but your DNA, the cells of your being, your soul carries lifetimes of memories within it. 

Sometimes the challenges that we are battling through are not of our own making in this lifetime but of our ancestors and the lives we have lived before. 

The journey of ascension is for all of us and whether you are actively working as a healer or are here to heal your family lineage, the healing must always take place through your life, this life! 

Let me help you with that!

In this one-to-one, six week healing programme, I clear the energy fields, layer by layer, what you are currently facing. The aspects of you that need to be healed before you can step forward right now.

Session One – The Lower Self – the ego state.
All the fears that are rising right now from this physical life from the beliefs you have acquired along the way. 

Session Two – The Traumatised Self.
Releasing the trauma of karmic patterns you have walked through.

Session Three – The Persecuted Self.
Retrieving the parts of your soul that have been lost in time. 

Session Four – The Shadow Self.
Bringing forward the hidden aspects of self. The victim energy that still rises within you. 

Session Five – The Abundant Self
Releasing fears around money and success. 

Session Six – The Future Self
Connecting you to your higher self and highest path possible at this time as we activate your future timeline. 

This is for you if you are recognise the need and are truly willing to go within. To do the work. The healing work you came here to carry out.

Your investment £666.

Sessions are 60 minutes each and are held in person at my healing clinic (SN4 9NB)

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