Feel as if you there is something deep in your soul?

At the heart of your existence, hidden within your very DNA, lies a profound story of ancestral karmic energy, beliefs, and programming. But here’s the exciting part: you have the power to rewrite this story.

Our DNA is a repository of not just our physical attributes, but also the imprints of our past. Within the 12 strands of DNA, we carry the legacy of our ancestors, their experiences, and even their unresolved karmic energies. These intricate strands harbour both the wisdom of the ages and the burdens of the past, creating a unique blend of human potential.

Within each of us, there exists a profound truth – we are light beings, and an intricate light grid intricately woven into our very essence connects us to the quantum realm. This luminous matrix is the bridge between our physical existence and the boundless potential of the cosmos. However, when we find ourselves unwell or out of alignment with our soul’s true path, a part of this intricate grid becomes dormant, akin to dark matter in the universe.

Quantum DNA recoding serves as the beacon of healing, rekindling this luminous light. It effectively reactivates the energy field, and in doing so, empowers the body to embark on its innate journey of self-restoration and transformation. The dormant light awakens, illuminating the path to healing and harmony.

Through my work as a trance, multi-dimensional healer, I am able to access the quantum and remove the negative DNA coding that lies deep within your being. To shed the negative, broken DNA and recode it. This process of DNA recoding is about rewriting your genetic script, reclaiming your power, and ascending to new heights of consciousness.

In the session I will intuitively pick up the recoding that needs to be carried out, what is possible now for your highest good. 

This is a 75 minute session including consultation, held in person at my Clinic (SN4 9NB).

Your investment

One session £120

3 sessions £333

5 sessions £495

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