Success One to One Mentoring Programme

Is this resonating with you?

You have great ideas for you business, yet never seem to get going on them.
You love what you do yet you are losing the motivation to do it. 
You are always busy yet you are not bringing in the business.
You’re not sure where your next client is coming from.
You are exhausted from the worry of money. 
You are questioning if you have made a mistake.

So often in business we start all fired up, determined and driven and then we hit a wall we cannot see, we can only feel.

What if I told you this is because your business requires you to level up?

The doors to join my client list have opened!


Is it time to do what you came here to do?
Is it time to shine brighter than ever before?
Is it time to align to the abundance you are destined for?
Is it time to truly use those gifts of yours?

My Success Programme is the perfect blend, through a one to one session every month we are able to align you to the next steps needed to move you closer to that vision.

Whether you simply have an idea or have started your business, wouldn’t it be great to feel supported?


Shift any blocks, fears or resistance you are feeling


Gain access to my Inner Circle – Aligned for Success group session hosted every month align giving you  strategy to market your business AND align to those important soulmate clients. 

🎯 target your clients by understanding what they will be facing and feeling in the month ahead.

🗓️ Know astrologically and numerology wise the best days to send out those emails, host that webinar and even take a day off!

🌍 Become part of a community of spiritually minded business owners, doing what they were put here to do.

#️⃣ Gain access to trainings on social media with top trainers

🗝️ Instant access to my 6 keys to success, a series of coaching videos to get your business moving forward.

💰 Access my money mindset coaching programme instantly

👑 Become a VIP in my Facebook tribes.

This programme includes:

One to One Monthly Coaching Sessions

Every month, benefit from a 60 minute, one to one, coaching session with Samantha Jayne. These sessions can be in person or online. Together we will work on your mindset, your vision, your strategy and ensuring you take the next key steps. 

Aligned for Success Monthly Group Session

Every month I share with you, in this online group session, how the energies may potentially play out in your business and in your clients lives as well as coach on a key aspect of business. (Replay available)

6 Keys to Success Coaching Videos

Gain access to my series of online coaching videos as I share with you my 6 keys to success.


Gain instant access to Impact, a series of coaching and training videos to help you expand your audience and your impact in this world. 

 Your Investment

Click here to spread the cost across 12 affordable payments of £111 
Pay in full for just £1200


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Enrolled: 6 students
Duration: 12 months
Lectures: 3
Level: Beginner