Scale Your Superpower

Scale Your Superpower

18th March 2022 9.30am – 2.30pm

Are ready to scale your business and use your Superpower to truly bring a difference into this world?

To have an impact?

To do that you need to be a Leader not just within in your business and your life, but with your audience.

Join me for five hours, as I share with you why you need to step forward as a Leader now more than ever and how to do it. I am will be activating the energy of leadership within you and then connecting you to who you need to be to fully embrace your calling as a leader.

How to lead from the heart, not your bank balance! Discover how to align to clients and open your business to a wider following for a greater impact in this world.

When we want to reach a new level of income, we must develop a new vision, a vision of expansion and add a whole new layers to our business.

I will be clearing the Ancestral blocks that keep you hidden.

I will be activating your own connection to divine abundance once more and shifting any fears currently blocking your superpower as you step into your Leadership role and expand your income level.

Let me show you how to step up and scale your business as you expand.

ENROLMENT NOW OPEN – only 5 places. 

This is for you if you are open to seeing the world from an energetic perspective, if you feel your work is your purpose.
This is not for you if you are not ready to change your perspective on this world and how we do business or to heal your success beliefs.

Your investments £150 (lunch included)

Attend the Mastermind


Gain access to my 6 Keys to Success – a series of strategy based videos to help you scale your business.


Access a replay of the activation you will receive during this mastermind


Attend 3 Aligned for Success live group coaching sessions


Gain access to Impact, a programme created to help you expand your impact with your audience.

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The Activation


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Duration: 5 hours
Lectures: 4
Level: Advanced