Quantum Leap Business Programme

6 months one to one Business Coaching for today’s Spiritually Minded Entrepreneur

This is for you if you own a business and are spiritually minded / energy aware. 
This is for you if you would like to serve not sell!
This is for you if you would like to be a conscious creator.
This is for you if you want to shift those financial and success blocks that have been holding you back for so long.
This is for you if you want to learn how to continually align with your calling and your soul mate clients.
This is for you if you want to use key astrological dates and the magic of the universe to create success with ease.

I am showing Spiritually Minded Entrepreneurs a new way forward.
I am showing them how to create success and wealth within the 3D, 4D and 5D worlds.
I am clearing, activating and aligning my clients to the wealth that has their name on it!

The wealth you desire has always been there,  you do not have an abundance issue, you simply have a blockage issue!

By the end of this 6 month coaching programme you will know who you are, what your business is truly about, who you serve, how to connect to them and how to create abundance doing what you love, over and over again!

This is not for you if you are not ready to let go of the excuses that have held you back.
This is not for you if you are not passionate about what you do.
This is not for you if you are not ready to own who you are!



Business Reading

Once enrolled I will provide a detailed emailed reading bringing through guidance into the path, the purpose and the destiny of your business. What needs to be cleared, healed, powered up or let go of to align to success

Ancestral Clearing

We will come together to shift the negative belief patterns and emotions that you have inherited through your Miasma DNA. To heal and clear your energy field when it comes to success and wealth. (value £150)

Activate Your Abundance Mastermind

Join me as I clear the block that is getting in the way right now of you achieving that vision, that success. In this 3 hour, one to one, session I will also activate your energy for abundance and show you how to take an intuitive step in your business. (value £300)

Wired for Wealth Mastermind

Join me for this 3 hour,  one to one session,  as I unblock the energy of your business and show you how to get a bigger vision for your life and lock into it so you can align to your highest wealth.(value £300)

Scale Your Superpower Mastermind

Leadership and scaling your business to connect to a universal audience is everything when we are taking our business to the next level. In this 3 hour, one to one session we will activate the Leader in you whilst identifying a strategy to scale your business. (value £300)

Weekly Private Coaching Sessions

Every week, benefit from a 60 minute, one to one, coaching session where we will shift those blocks, discuss the next steps and develop that strategy. These sessions can be in person or online.

On-Going Support

Monday to Friday, you can gain additional support via telegram chat. Perfect to help you in those moments you need a bit more insight.

Aligned for Success Monthly Group Session

Every month I share with you, in this online group session, how the energies may potentially play out in your business and in your clients lives as well as coach on a key aspect of business. (Replay available) (Value £210)

6 Keys to Success Coaching Videos

Gain access to my series of online coaching videos as I share with you my 6 keys to success.

Be A Money Magnet

Gain access to my online coaching programme to shift your money mindset.


Your investment: £2700.00  (approximately $3625 USA dollars)
or contact me here if you would like to pay in 6  instalments



Welcome to My Quantum Leap Your Business Coaching Programme!

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Monthly Audit

Monthly Audit

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Daily Activation

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Duration: 6 months
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