Love Yourself Well

Is it time to love YOU first?

I spent years shutdown emotionally, letting my ego have me believe that I was in control. I created a picture-perfect image of being on top of my game, but deep within there was pain and hurt buried so deep that even I could not feel it or see it. My soul was dying.

I was lonely, single, unhappy with in life and yet I felt I was doing ok. Go figure!!

After years of feeling this way and a long string of short lived, painful romantic connections, let’s call them that, I woke up one morning and realised I was in a pattern. I realised I had been dating the same man for ten years, in different bodies!

I was exhausted. I was emotionally burned out and I was done!

So, I pulled the plug on dating and got very real about where this emotion or as I was soon to discover lack of emotion was coming from.

You see, what was lacking was love. Self-love.

When we stop loving ourselves, it is impossible for someone else to love us.

Self -love isn’t buying a new pair of shoes, it’s about loving who you are, respecting who you are, not just in your personal life but in your work life, your business, your friendship circle, the way you eat, drink, talk and even spend money.

I stopped feeling obliged to date everyone who asked me out.
I stopped thinking I should be grateful for their attention.
I stopped filling my days and nights with other peoples needs of me.
I actually said no!

Developing self-love gave me the strength to stand my ground, to stop people pleasing, because suddenly I didn’t need to fake dates, the texts, the attention, to feel better.

I became comfortable single, but now it came from a place of having so much love within me for myself, that I know what love feels like, that I know what is love, what is lust and what is lost.

I let go of fear so I could choose love.

My online programme will walk you forwards through your journey to self love.

In this ONLINE COACHING PROGRAMME you will get back in touch with loving you.

Gain instant access to the coaching videos. Let’s get you back in love.

Your investment just £47! (approximately $63 USA dollars)

Week One - Understanding Self Love and Self Worth

Self Coaching Video One
Self Love Worksheet 1
Bonus Video: Heart Chakra Meditation

Week Two - Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance Coaching Video
Self Acceptance Worksheet

Week Three - Self Empowerment

Self Empowerment Coaching Video
Self Empowerment Worksheet
Bonus Strengthening the Heart Meditation

Week Four - Loving Yourself in Relationships

Loving Yourself in Relationships Coaching Video
How to make a Head or Heart Decision Coaching Video
Self Reflection on Relationships
Self Reflection Exercises

BONUS CONTENT - Learn about Emotion States

Letting Go Webinar
Anxiety Webinar
Understanding the Ego Webinar
Letting Go of fear Webinar

BONUS CONTENT - Align to Love

The History of Attraction
Are you addicted to love?
What type of relationship do you want?
What is a soul mate?
What is an Enlightened Relationship?

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