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An activation is where your energy field is opened to receive your personal light codes. These light codes activate the Miasma DNA to align us with our soul’s path and purpose in this world.

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Activation Retreat Days / Weekends

Are you struggling with Ascension symptoms? You were born here to be part of this mission. To clear the energy of up to twenty generations before you. Twenty generations of genetic MIASMA. To clear this energy out of your past, present and future lives. We came here to be part of the shift, part of the solution, the ascension process. We were born Empaths to enable us to be able to carry out this process, this transmuting of energy.
Activation Retreat Days (formerly E-mersion Days) are where a group of women come together to experience the release of negative karmic and Ancestral energies by being immersed in healing energies to create a shift and then receive light codes to activate the positive DNA. 
Coming together to work on the release of one specific Miasma and the opening of the gateway to ascension, through this release.
I create a beautiful, safe, healing space for 8 women to come together to work with the planetary influences, to experience and Ancestral clearing and the re-aligning for peace, love and letting go of old emotions. we will be working through the base chakra and the solar plexus for this one!
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My Next Activation Day

Ancestral Healing Day 2022

September 8th 2022 10am to 2pm (half day)

Join me on Thursday 8th September from 10 – 2 as I bring together 8 women to release ancestral and karmic energy blocking their ability to communicate, to let go of miscommunication and to give and take within their relationship. Letting go of the energy of past relationship issues and the relationship issues that our Ancestors have walked through.

This is the last Mercury retrograde for some years to impact Libra, so we can focus on relationship issues that need to be addressed. There can be a lot of reflecting on changes in our relationships, partnerships, and connections that occurred over the last few years.

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My Next Activation Retreat Weekend

The Empowered Empath Retreat

Do you feel as if something is always holding you back from stepping fully into who you came here to be and doing what you came here to do? Feel as if you are capable of so much more?

The Empowered Empath Retreat is a Weekend  Retreat where you will discover, identify and release the blocks that are holding you back from being your true self. Led by Samantha Jayne,  Master Transformational Coach, Quantum Healer, Meditation and Healing Bath Facilitator, Spiritual Coach and Teacher. You will be taken on a journey of personal transformational  where you will identify and let go of your self-limiting beliefs, rediscover your gifts and talents, understand the importance of self-care for the Empath and why you need to live a conscious, purposeful life. You get to be you!

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Wow, wow, wow !!! 

I would like to thank u for an amazing experience this evening. I joined not knowing what to expect with no preconceived ideas but open to what could happen and I was elated by the experience 😊

Gen Webster 


It was incredible! So ascending! Thank you beautiful xxx
Fi Da-Silva 😊


Simply WOW 🤩 what an amazing Emerson shift today there aren’t enough words to describe it very powerful thank you 🙏 ❤️xx
Yvonne Parker