Who Am I?

Hello, this is me. I am the Healer who heals and coaches the Healers AND their business, the Empaths, the Old Souls all struggling with integrating their spirituality in their daily life!

My name is Samantha Jayne, and I am an internationally acclaimed, qualified, award-winning Spiritual Coach, healing the energy and mindset of Spiritually minded Entrepreneurs. Light Bearers, Light Workers, and Light Leaders, so they can create the success they desire, doing what they were put here to do. You may have seen me in the media talking and writing about the things I am passionate about: spirituality, women, success and money mindset! 

I am a kick ass Spiritual Entrepreneur Coach, Energy Clearer and Activator and I have been working with clients to shift their blocks, gain clarity and step forward successfully, for over 20 years. You may have seen me in numerous articles in the national and international press.

As a Multi-Dimensional Trance Healer I am able to identify, connect and clear parallel dimension play outs. Could it be in that in another dimension you made a difference choice and that choice is now holding you back? 

My personal journey has felt long and weary as I bounced from boom to bust, over and over again. I spent years yo-yo-ing in this way as a self employed single mum. Doing it all alone and feeling exhausted. Something had to shift!

That shift happened in 2017, when I was yet again in the bust of a ‘bust and boom cycle’. When I was blaming everything on everyone and every situation I could find in my work and personal life. I was walking around with a victim of circumstance vibe. I remember sitting on a free coaching call and a penny, or should I say rock dropped! It wasn’t the situations I was in that was the problem, it was me! 

It was my beliefs, the programming that this life and past lives had left me with. Generation after generation of Ancestral struggles were weighing heavy on my spiritual shoulders and I had been put here to clear it, not wallow in it!

That lightbulb moment then came that if I could consistently create struggle and challenge, then I could also consistently create success, was life changing for me.

I now heal my clients and show them how to work with the universe to create their vision of success too. I shift their mental blocks and belief system so they can create success with ease in their lives and their businesses.

I have personally helped thousands of clients to heal their lives and rebuild their business brands by aligning them to their soul’s path. Let me help you now.

I have also received 2 business awards as a Coach in 2022 and have been recognised as one of Swindon and Wiltshire’s most inspiring business women in 2023

I have clients all around the world who I coach either online or in my premises which are just outside beautiful Avebury in Wiltshire. Whether through one to one programmes, online webinars, activation days or retreats.

As a Multi-Dimensional Trance Healer I am able to identify, connect and clear parallel dimension play outs. Could it be in that in another dimension you made a difference choice and that choice is now holding you back? 

It is the old versions of you that are holding you back.

I am a trained, qualified Entrepreneur Coach with over 20 years experience in service based business, within the spiritual industry.

I also like spiritual growth and business to be fun! No seriously though, my abilities allow me to help my clients at a much deeper and faster level. It is so important to be coached by someone with similar beliefs as you, someone who walks the walk, not just talks the talk! 

What I Bring to the Table!

Here’s a quick summary of the experience and knowledge I bring to the table.

Trauma Informed Coach
Qualified REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy) Life Coach
Qualified Breakthrough Coach
Qualified Entrepreneur Coach
Qualified Relationship Coach
Qualified Law of Attraction Coach

Creator, Trainer and Trademark owner of Karmic Cleanse Therapy (TM)

Psychic Medium for 22+ years
Trance Healer for 15+ years
Tarot Reader for 23+ years

Holistic Trainer for 15+ years
Spiritual Teacher for 12+ years
Meditation Tutor for 21+ years
Owner of Accredited Training Academy, training Healers

Published Author
Inspirational Speaker
Workshop Host at Retreats

Appeared on Sky TV
Appeared on Moonstruck TV
Appeared on Controversial TV
Channel host on YouTube
Interviewed on numerous radio shows
Articles published in the Daily Star, Daily Express, The Sun, The US Sun and the Daily Mail.

I am  now use all my knowledge and know how, in my work as a Spiritual Coach, Healer, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. 

 Media Links

I am blessed to frequently write articles for national and international media as well as being interviewed.  Please click here  where you can find links to previous articles I have written or appeared in. 

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Top Spiritual Coach


I enlisted the help of Samantha Jayne to present to a group of 40+ PA’s this summer.

Her level of professionalism along with her ability to “keep it real” far out ways other female presenters I have seen in the past 5 years.

Samantha Jayne is a realist, she doesn’t sugar coat and give you the “corporate line”, she talks from her own personal life experience which is why the audience was mesmerised!

The feedback from this event and indeed others that I have hosted with Samantha Jayne being the presenter has always been positive with the audience left not only feeling empowered but most definitely wanting more!!

I would highly recommend Samantha Jayne to anyone looking for a guest speaker / presenter . She is interesting, relevant and actually does have real experience unlike others in the circuit.

Charlie Metcalfe
Director of Sales – Alexandra House


Sam is an amazing Psychic/Trainer and Coach! As soon as I met her I knew I was where I was supposed to be. One on one training I believe that you get the very best and Sam did prove me right. So knowledgeable in so many things and inspiring! Her coaching is not like any other I’ve had, and I feel like it was the best for me.

Looking forward to my reading and continuing my journey with you……

Thank you Sam
Candice Williams😊


 2 months ago I went to Sam drowning in my own life. My personal life was a mess. My health had taken a huge nose dive. I had pretty much given up on my business. To put it politely I was a hot mess!

In our first session together Sam and I set targets and goals that I wanted to achieved… Personally and professionally. Within 8 weeks I had reached them all. My health got better. My family life is incredible. My children are so much happier and settled. My business is rocketing and I am really fucking happy.

Sam does not take any shit and will hold you accountable to what you want, Everything she does is fuelled with love, even if it is disguised as a kick up the arse (a woman after my own heart)! I cannot thank you enough Sam for all that you have done for me and my family and I look forward to carrying on working with you . 

Angela Hill