Set Yourself free

Stop feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and lost. Release yourself from the karmic pattern playing out in your life and get back to being YOU and start doing what you came here to do!

How Samantha Jayne can help You

Through her unique Karmic Cleanse Therapy™ and her coaching programmes, Samantha Jayne has helped so many people to to create the life they desire.

Karmic Release Therapy ™

In this unique programme the patterns you are experiencing in your life are released to set you free.

Awake, Aligned, Abundant

Through this unique programme we will discover your purpose, remove what is blocking it and align with the abundance of it.

Success Coaching

 One to one business coaching for today’s empowered Entrepreneur. Ready to shine?

Join my positive tribe

Become part of my positive vibe tribe. A community of souls choosing to live well.