For spiritually minded and heart-led Entrepreneurs…

Can you feel your soul calling you?
We are being called to step into our power, to step up, to heal, to use our voice, and make a difference in this world.
Right here, right now!

To create the abundant life we were always destined to have. To tap into the wealth that was meant for you.

I Know You at a Soul Level 

✨ You feel something is missing from our life.

✨ You want more out of life, feel you were put here for so much more, yet what that actually is seems to elude you.

✨ You have dreams, ambitions and aspirations to make a difference in this world yet feel disconnected from all of it. 

✨ You have a profound personal story, full of hidden wisdom, and you know you came here for a reason.

✨ You want to access your higher self, to understand who you are and what you came to Earth to do.

✨ You want to feel connected to the universe, the divine and to manifest with ease so you can make a difference in this world.

✨ You want to accomplish a sense of fulfilment in your career and life.

✨ You don’t want to settle for anything less than you know you are capable of.

But I Also Know This…

Lately, you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, drained, and gloomy.

Tell me if this sounds true?

✔️ You have poured your heart and soul into your life, your business but still, feel blocked from reaching new heights.

✔️ You feel stuck and confused when making big decisions and are unsure about the results.

✔️ You’ve been held down by the weight of negative emotions, experiences and limiting beliefs from everything you and your family have lived through.

✔️ You are empathic and feel everything to the core of your soul.

✔️ You feel you were put here to serve others but haven’t been able to work out how to have the biggest impact.

✔️ You struggle to find balance in your professional and personal life and often feel burned out.

✔️ You want to feel successful and fearless.

✔️ You want to achieve financial freedom with ease, less hassle, and more simplicity.

✔️ You know you want all this, you are worth all this yet it seems too far away to achieve. You know you need help. 

Is Your Soul Calling You?

You came here to this Earth, during these times for a reason. You are not here by change. You are destined to live a life that feels purposeful, that you are passionate about, to have a sense of freedom and to be you, the real you.  My purpose is to take you on from being blocked to being blessed.




I am here to make sure that you step into your soul’s path with the greatest of ease!

Whether you are struggling to find momentum in your personal life, in an existing business or perhaps you are just starting out, my intention is to help you burst through the generations of programming, release your limiting beliefs and eliminate all the distractions that have been secretly taking a toll on your life. To clear that which darkens your path, connect you to the next version of you required in your business, activate your abundance and coach you from your old mindset, into the new. 

And when this happens…

Your potential is limitless!

Here’s How I Work My Magic…

Mindset Coaching

Open the door to endless opportunities for your business by cultivating a growth and money mindset.

Learn how to turn your business into a profit-making machine by clearing your mind from all the blocks to feel more energized, focused, and accountable.  

Spiritual Healing

Enter into a realm of joy, fulfilment, abundance, and limitless freedom by healing your soul spiritually. Release generations of ancestral programming and fear. 

Regain your highest and best self by feeling happy, reinvigorated, and satisfied while achieving your burning desires in your business and your personal life.

Subconscious Activations

Through energy clearings and activations, you will activate your soul’s path so you can walk in alignment with it.

Tap into the quantum field of energy and discover how to truly use the law of attraction to magnetically attract momentum in your life, your business and enjoy a bigger impact and better results.

Psychic Guidance

Put your mind at ease and delve into the positive aspects of life with individualized psychic readings and mediumship sittings.

Get a boost of inspiration, more closure on your passions, and a path to self-discovery with psychic guidance.

This is Me

My name is Samantha Jayne, and I am an internationally acclaimed, qualified, award-winning Spiritual Entrepreneur Coach, Psychic, Energy Clearer and Activator and Spiritual Healer and have been working with clients to shift their blocks, gain clarity and step forward successfully, for over 20 years. You may have seen me in numerous articles in the national and international press. 

I have and continue to have, huge success, but it wasn’t always that way. I spent years struggling with the yo-yo of bust and boom in business and as a single mum, doing it all alone, this was exhausting. Something needed to shift!

That shift happened about 6 years ago, when I was yet again in the bust of a ‘bust and boom cycle’. When I was blaming everything on everyone and every situation I could find in my work and personal life. I was walking around with a victim of circumstance vibe. I remember sitting on a free coaching call and a penny, or should I say rock dropped! It wasn’t the situations I was in that was the problem, it was me! 

That lightbulb moment that if I could consistently create struggle and challenge, then I could also consistently create success, was life changing for me. I now show others how to create their vision of success too.

I coach my clients online or in my premises which are just outside beautiful Avebury in Wiltshire.

What My Clients Have To Say


WOWZERS … what a BEAUTIFUL *SOUL NURTURING* day spent with such GORGEOUS beacons of light … 🌟✨🌟… the subconscious puzzle pieces that I was not confident to put together myself have really made themselves be visible in my consciousness and I am truly thankful for your support, your guidance and you holding a VERY *SAFE* space for mine and everyone else’s healing … FOREVER grateful for the HUGE amount of support that you have always given me and for assisting me to find my way out of the darkness … 💜🤝💜… much love and huge (((hugs))) … xXx. 

Anna Smith


Such a beautiful day, so many shifts, I need a lie down now (or a drink 😂)!Thank you so much as always for your work Sam ✨ x

Casey Stickland


I worked with Samantha for 6 months as a business coach, Sam provided me with the vision and pathway to achieve my goals which in a short time frame we achieved.
I would highly recommend Sam and i will work with her again in the future.

John Turner


I recently attended Sam’s Abundance Mastermind activation session and all I can say is wow the change in my thinking and feeling has been amazing which has translated right through into all aspects of my life and my business. I would suggest you get yourself booked on to the next session pronto!

Yvonne Parker

Why You Need This…

Life can be an incredibly rewarding, thrilling, and an adventurous experience.

If you have a business it can also be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

But when we are empathic, it can also be nerve-wracking, stressful, and daunting.

When you have been programmed that you are not good enough, you will never get there.

We are here to clear our Ancestral energy, if you are not doing this, you will always be held back

Without healing, coaching and guidance, it can be the same as throwing darts in the dark.

❌ Missed business opportunities

❌ Work / life balance is never right

 ❌ Lack of clarity leading to disappointing experiences

We all yearn for a support system that can make us cruise through the world of hardships and challenges with ease.

And this is exactly what you’ll get from me!

I will empower you to develop laser-focused clarity on your next move, tap into your genius, and manifest the luxurious life you’ve always wished for.

And when we achieve this together…

You’ll see things unfolding in a way that they were always meant to be.

So, Are You Ready To…

🌟 Equip yourself with tools, practices, and knowledge to become undeniably, expansive, and magnetic.

🌟 Release mental blocks and limiting beliefs and feel propelled towards true manifestation.

🌟 Massively and rapidly increase your worth by healing your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual being.

🌟 Turn your beautiful vision into a living reality while creating a life-changing transformation.

🌟 Be your own muse and become an embodiment of the fierce, ambitious-driven, and powerful entrepreneur that you are.

Your Journey From Being Blocked To Feeling Blessed Starts Here!